What is S)ONE?

S)ONE nextgen PCS is a collaborative platform enabling supply chain operators to streamline all foreign trade-related exchanges on a national level.

S)ONE is the result of years of consultation, research and development undertaken by the SOGET team with our clients, partners and the academic community. S)ONE was developed in the framework of SOGET's “e-maritime” project, approved and supported by the Haute Normandy Region, the French State and the European Union.

S)ONE is an innovative solution addressing the changes in regulation, technology and usage. The solution enables productivity gains for every client and enhances fluidity throughout the supply chain.

 SONE After

What are the key benefits of S)ONE?

S)ONE offers an optimized coverage of a territory at the national or supranational level, and integrates new stakeholders, as well as new users within client companies.

S)ONE offers exceptional accessibility through multiple and secure connections, on all devices, with customizable features, etc.

S)ONE offers a client-oriented structure approach by services and type of business, modules dedicated for specific stakeholders, access to Key Performance Indicators (KPI), etc.

S)ONE offers a look and feel inspired by our users' needs with a refined design, simplified language, allowing a quick start and intuitive grasp for our users, with the help of online tutorials.

S)ONE offers the best of Microsoft technologies and provides a fast client implementation - without changes to existing EDIs.

S)ONE offers a major step forward compared to existing solutions, and specifically AP+ that it will progressively replace.

Developed on the basis of the latest Microsoft technology and building up on numerous exchanges with their clients from all types of institutions, the SOGET teams have completely rethought the single window concept and its perimeter at the national level so as to follow the recommendations of the United Nations (UNECE) to create a common Single Window environment.



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