SOGET spirit

Joining SOGET is sharing the business values that drive every one of our employees.

COMMITMENT : every SOGET employee demonstrates unwavering commitment to serving clients needs. This commitment is the basis of the quality of work and the trust shown by clients.

EXPERTISE : every employee excels in its field and it is their unique expertise that ensures the exceptional service provided by SOGET. This expertise forms part of the SOGET offer and gives the company an expertise recognized by international organisations such as the World Bank, WTO, etc.

SOLIDARITY : at SOGET, we are a team where each person works for the good of the whole. Solidarity means to give our clients performance in the best conditions. Solidarity also applies when it comes to working on projects across our network, notably with regards to international business development.

ETHICS : if clients and partners have such faith in SOGET, it is because they understand and appreciate the ethic we show in client relations. This ethic is applied by every collaborator in his or her specific domain.


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