SOGET Tracking : A compendium of SOGET Single Window for real-time monitoring of container traffic.

A Single Window summary targeted on “containers”

SOGET Tracking provides the ability to monitor in real time the status of containers in a port. Accessible via a web portal, SOGET Tracking enables port professionals to optimise their logistics activities.

SOGET Tracking presents both in import and export, targeted “container” data extracted from SOGET PCS: key stages in the handling of the goods. Visualizing the status of a container in real time saves carriers unnecessary travel and waiting time.

SOGET Tracking

SOGET TRACKING allows live Tracking 24/7 with a container number or booking, and the labelling of transit events to Port Community System containers.

At import: “discharged from vessel”, “gate-out authorization”, collection, transfer.

At export: booking consultation, “container at terminal”, “gate-in authorization”, “loaded on board”.


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