SOGET Customs

An e-customs solution for your customs procedures

Customs clearance, pick up manifests, companies, transmission and follow up of documents for goods subjected to excises, community freight forwarding documents between economic operators and customs offices of departure, transit, and arrival… SOGET Customs is a web-based solution designed to manage all customs e-procedures:  https://douane.soget.fr.

24/7, all operations can be carried out on line, via any work station connected to the web. On-going transmissions, status (“approved”, “Good to remove”), all these key steps of customs clearance can be observed and traced in real time. Any error can be corrected rapidly and immediately.

Product features

SOGET Customs brings together a package of solutions adapted to French e-procedures NSTI, DELTA (C, D, P, X, T), GAMMA as well as ICS messages.

Consult the specifications

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