ASYCUDA Interface

Interface between SOGET Single Window and ASYCUDA

SOGET offers an interfacing service in order to optimize the use of ASYCUDA with SOGET Single Window

To interface SOGET Single Window and ASYCUDA means to enable customs procedures reliable, and increase customs revenue collection.

ASYCUDA, the Automated System for Customs Data, is developed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), which counts 190 member states. Interfacing ASYCUDA with the Single Window developed by SOGET creates interconnection between port and airport community stakeholders who use the Port Single Window and customs authorities that use ASYCUDA.

Manifests, customs declarations, accounting, transit, suspensive procedures... The information lodged in the Single Window is directly interconnected with the customs system thus eliminating data entry errors. Interfacing SOGET  Port Single Window and ASYCUDA leads to productivity gains, cut in administrative expenses and secures revenues of the Government.

Product features

In case of discrepancy between the electronic data relating to the goods, a warning message is generated. The interface SOGET Single Window - ASYCUDA allows verification of match between manifested and reported data. The Single Window also becomes the link between ASYCUDA and the Banks to optimize payments of customs duties.

Consult the specifications

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