SOGET, more than just
a firm, a committed brand

SOGET is known as a responsible brand that is committed to its customers, partners and employees. This daily commitment lies on a crystal clear outlook on the business and its environment. SOGET wishes to share this outlook, convinced that great achievements are always made in a community of ideas.


Exchange of goods and movement of people contribute to the harmonious growth of our planet. In order to enable trade efficiency, it is essential to transport them safely, with precision, transparency, and respecting privacy. Mastering this flow of information must ensure such security, whilst optimizing -with total fluidity- various maritime, airport, seaport and logistics operations.


SOGET provides fluidity to port operations, by intelligently and instantly coordinating the shared management of logistics information between public and private stakeholders.


To become the global leader and reference in Port Community System.
To encourage the development of Port Communities across the world by promoting the unique expertise acquired in Port of Le Havre.


As a partner and facilitator of Port Communities, SOGET offers innovative turnkey solutions, by combining expertise in business processes, technology excellence and proximity with its clients and partners.

Strategic Assets

- Partnership experience,
- ‘Start Up’ spirit: Innovation, flexibility and the ability to mobilize people and resources,
- Business process and technology expertise,
- Port of Le Havre roots,
- International recognition.


- Commitment
- Expertise
- Solidarity
- Ethics

With these values SOGET is an intrepid but reliable, an optimistic but a realistic, demanding but loyal company.


Executive Board Members:

President and Chief Executive Officer

Deputy CEO

General Manager


Management Team:

Director of Corporate Development

Director of Operations

Nathalie LAURANT,
Director of Finance

Governance Supervisory Board

SOGET's Supervisory Board is composed of freight forwarders, shipping lines and ship brockers, customs brockers, terminal operators, Port Authority of Le Havre, Port and Maritime Union of Le Havre.
Being our partners and clients our Supervisory Board members are an asset because they are professionals who know our job and take actively part to our development.

  • Freight forwarders and Customs Broker Association of Le Havre and area, represented by Jean Louis Le Yondre, President of the Supervisory Board,

  • Port of Le Havre Maritime and Port Association represented by Christian Leroux, Vice President of the Supervisory Board,

  • Freight forwarders and Customs Broker Association of Le Havre and area, represented by Jacques Roussel and Gérard Friboulet,

  • Terminal Operators and Stevedores Association, represented by Paul Sax and Louis Jonquière,

  • Shipping Agent and Ship owner Association of Le Havre, represented by Benoît Douillet et François Friboulet,

  • Shipbroker Association, represented by Véronique Lépine,

  • Port of Le Havre Authority, represented by Hervé Martel.



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