World leader in the Port Community System with more than 50 references on 4 continents, SOGET is editor and operator of S)ONE and AP+ PCSs as well as provider of e-Customs solutions, a dedicated Warehouse Management System with SOGET CM+ and container tracking & tracing services.

Every day, nearly 25,000 people are using our solutions to process more than 12 million containers and 400,000 vehicles per year in France, Togo, Benin, Mauritius, Jamaica, Indonesia, DR Congo, or the Ivory Coast..

Founded in 1983 from the collective ambition of the port community of Le Havre, France, SOGET provides fluidity to port operations, by organizing for public and private stakeholders an intelligent, shared and on-time management of logistics information. As builder of port communities, SOGET offers innovative turnkey solutions based on its mastery of business processes, technology excellence and proximity with its clients and partners.

Governance Board of Directors

Hervé Cornède
President of the Board of Directors
Muriel Folliot-Olivier, Vice-President of the Board of Directors
Julien Prével, Manager, Human Resources and member of the Board of Directors
Jérôme Steinlé, Chief Financial Officer and member of the Board of Directors

Governance Supervisory Board

SOGET's Supervisory Board is composed of freight forwarders, shipping lines and ship brockers, customs brockers, terminal operators, Port Authority of Le Havre, Port and Maritime Union of Le Havre. This is an asset because our shareholders are partners and customers, professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of our business and actively participate in our development.

  • Freight forwarders and Customs Broker Association of Le Havre and area, represented by Jean Louis Le Yondre, its President and President of the Supervisory Board, also by Jacques Roussel and Irwin Lefebvre,

  • Port of Le Havre Maritime and Port Association represented by Michel Segain, its President, and Christian Leroux, Vice President of the Supervisory Board,

  • Terminal Operators and Stevedores Association, represented by Louis Jonquière, President, and Paul Sax, General Manager

  • Shipping Agent and Ship owner Association of Le Havre, represented by Philippe Lestrade and François Friboulet,

  • Shipbroker Association, represented by Véronique Lépine,

  • Port of Le Havre Authority, represented by Baptiste Maurand.
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