Jamaica Port Community System


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  • To reinforce Jamaica’s status as a major hub in the Caribbean
  • To prepare for logistics revolution generated by the widening of the Panama Canal
  • To rejoin the league of world class leading ports


  • Implementation of the largest PCS in the Americas by SOGET and its partners: CEI.BA Guadeloupe, Microsoft, Caribbean Maritime Institute and ABSL
  • Hosting of the solution on Microsoft Azure Cloud to increase security
  • Development of features in collaboration with local stakeholders
  • Training of users and support in change management provided by SOGET teams
  • SOGET PCS interoparability with ASYCUDA


  • Compliance with new international regulations and standards
  • Facilitation of optimization, collaboration and automation of nationwide trade logistics processes
  • Transparency and fluidity of the supply chain
  • Increase of the Jamaica’s performance in the international rankings (World Bank Logistics Performance Index and Doing Business)

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