DR of Congo Port Community System

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  • To dematerialize and secure the submission of information and standardized documents through a single point of entry
  • To comply with the legal requirements for import, export, transshipment and transit
  • To improve the country logistics performance in major rankings (Doing Business, LPI)


  • To modernize and simplify existing processes with the implementation of a Port Community System fitted to the Congolese stakeholders' needs
  • To give the project a national scale by including air-, maritime, river and lake ports and border posts
  • To operate the system, in a concession framework under a PPP, in collaboration with BV
  • To engage structural reforms in close relationship with public authorities
  • SOGET PCS interoparability with ASYCUDA


  • To create a true community of economics stakeholders in the country
  • To streamline the DRC foreign trade
  • To secure the State income through the implementation of the single point invoicing
  • To generate reliable statistics

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