Our skills

SOGET, through its activity, organisation and intensive development, offers a large range of functions, skills and jobs.

SOGET is a service business but also a center of production and operations for its various softwares and applications. On both counts, the skills shown by SOGET cover technical, commercial and administrative fields.

SOGET’s development strategy, heavily focused on the international level, induces a strong need for international profiles, for employees that can work on all four corners of the world both in business development and project implementation.

Administration, Finance and Legal skills serving the proper running of the business: HR managers, lawyers, financial controllers, accountants, assistants, etc.

French and International Development skills serving new business, brand management, communication and partnerships: Project managers in France and abroad, marketing, sales and technical sales, etc.

Operation and Production skills serving the quality and proper running of systems and applications for customer service: Engineers and system analysts, database administrators, production analysts and technicians, etc.

Method, Quality and Information Systems skills serving the quality and the security of intern business: Computer technicians, intern IT administrators and developers, intern organisation and process managers, etc.

Development Study Operation skills serving the undertaking and execution of signed projects and of the development and maintenance of SOGET applications: Development analysts, IT technicians, project managers, etc.

Product skills serving the launch and life of products, and responsible for technological and commercial monitoring: Product managers, business analysts, etc.

Support Services skills serving customer relations (assistance, hotline, and training): Client services, trainers, etc.

Network and Telecommunications skills serving the management of the SOGET network, technical assistance and client services, and integration studies for new technologies: Maintenance technicians, architects, network assistants, etc.


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